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Are you a leisure or business traveler, military, snow bird, second home owner or just too busy to deal with just one more task? No Worries, Luxury House Help is your answer. Luxury House Help provides personal and professional “watch dogs” when it comes to protecting your property.

Luxury House Help offers you exceptional services as we look after your home and deal with any issues that arise in an affordable and efficient manner.

Worry Free Service

Water damage! Insurance denials!, Disasters! No need to worry when your investment is not occupied, Luxury House Help is your eyes, ears and nose. You will have the satisfaction knowing that your routine services such as pool care, lawn maintenance, or pest control will be completed as hired because Luxury House Help will, if needed, schedule appointments and ensure the services are performed. You will have no worries if Luxury House Help is on duty.

We strive to make your life easier and seamless as you come and go. We can stock your refrigerator before you arrive and clean it out when you leave. You will know your home is secure and watched with Luxury House Help. The staff at Luxury House Help are trained professionals. Luxury House Help is owned and operated by Rebecca Furlong, a licensed Real-Estate Broker and owner of Renting Tampa Bay and A. Horton Realty (est. 1987). Rebecca is respected, trusted and connected in Pinellas County Florida. She is experienced, licensed, and insured. Rebecca and her staff treat your property like their own. Her organizational skills are impeccable as evidenced by the happy home owners that have used her property management services over the years. Her enthusiasm for life is projected in her work ethics. Her experience brings you a piece of mind when you know Luxury House Help is at the helm watching your home. There is never a job too small or too large, Luxury House Help has handymen, contractors, and every service provider you can imagine. We offer professional Home Help to you with honesty, integrity and transparency. We are the best and better than the rest at protecting your home investment.

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Our Standard & Concierge Services

Standard Package:

Includes interior and exterior checks

• Condos


• Home (up to 2,000 SF)


• Home (2001 - 4000 SF)


• Home ( > 4001 SF)

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Interior Checklist

Exterior Checklist

Concierge Services / Add-ons

Concierge Services

*Request Quote for Extras & Add-ons

We have the connections to get the work done! We want you to reclaim your leisure time because you have better things to do! As a licensed real estate broker and property manager since 1987, we can get just about any job completed and we will see it from the beginning to end to ensure perfection. Our Concierge service extends to just about anything you need to ensure your property is safe or ready for your return. Our flat rate for add-on service is $48.00/hour. Some of the services will have an hourly rate plus expenses. If we are already on your property doing a routine visit the price will vary vs. a standalone visit.

We are here to make your life easier be your watchdog eyes and ears of your investment.

Home Watch


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose Luxury House Help?



We are real estate agents and property managers with extensive experience in construction, renovation, and maintenance. Luxury House Help staff are experts at preserving and improving your property value. We are Licensed•Bonded•Insured

Q: Why would I need this service if I have an alarm system and/or cameras?



We are not only your eyes, we are your ears and nose. The camera has a finite viewing distance. We will not only scan but we will visually look where the camera can’t. We will look under cabinets, alon walls and ceilings for leaks. If we find a leak we can intervene before it gets worse. Remember most insurance companies will deny your claim if you didn’t maintain your vacant home and if you have water damage not reported within weeks of the occurrence. With routine HOUSE HELP you will know of any disaster in a timely manner. We can smell odors and detect insects. We can hear small leaks, running toilets and promptly tackle and trouble shoot most issues. We can be listed as you alarm contact for immediate and appropriate feedback. Most police departments want a person to meet them when there is an issue and Luxury House Help can do just that.

Q: How often should I have my home inspected by Luxury House Help?



We recommend every two weeks but this is totally up to you. Some home owners prefer weekly to adjust blinds and lighting while others request monthly. Most insurance companies request water damage be reported within two weeks of the incident so we advise at least every two weeks. The frequency also can depend on the condition of your property, location, weather conditions and your personal preferences.

Q: Where do Luxury House Help provide services.



Currently we provide services to all of Pinellas County

Q: What if I need extra work, can you help or arrange?



Yes, Luxury House Help is well connected in Pinellas County and can arrange, fix, replace, or repair just about anything. We will have an hourly rate of $48.00 for authorized work during business hours with a one hour minimum fee plus expenses when applicable. Call for quotes as every situation differs.

Q: Does your Luxury House Help inspectors have a code of conduct?



ABSOLUTELY! This is a critical aspect of our company philosophy. We will respect your home, property, and privacy. Objects are never touched, moved, or opened unless it is part of the specific house help service or to carry out a job. Photographs are only taken for clarification purposes or if damage or concern is detected. Our inspectors are trained in attention to detail, discretion, honesty, and in sensitive subjects. It is mandatory that our inspectors follow rigorous requirements set forth by Luxury House Help. We have a code of ethics and our inspectors are trusted. We value diverse work and life experiences, flexible thinking, and trust. We have a detailed check list and will provide you with the completed list after each visit. We treat your information with utmost respect and confidentiality.

Q: My neighbors are nosey and I trust them to watch my house, why can’t I use my neighbor?



While it is friendly to have your neighbor watch your property, it is also a big responsibility and best left to the professionals at Luxury House Help. Although your friends and neighbors have good intentions they don’t always follow through. What happens to your home, when your neighbor is out of town, too busy, or sick? Our Luxury House Help inspectors are trained in attention to detail and can identify problems immediately and sometimes before they occur or before major repairs are needed. Our inspectors follow a detailed checklist customized to your property and Luxury House Help inspectors are your eyes, ears, and nose while you are gone so we can protect your property.

Q: Do I need to get a security company if I have Luxury House Help Inspectors?



Luxury House Help is NOT a security company. We are your eyes, ears, and nose when on duty and recommend inspecting your home regularly ...... to maintain your goals and give the appearance that your home is occupied by moving window treatments, parked cars, lighting…. We can be your emergency contact for your alarm system company, police, fire, and any routine services.

Q: What happens if Luxury House Help detects a problem?



This is something we can discuss per client and we will have a protocol and follow it accordingly. If it is an emergency and we cannot reach you, we will proceed to secure the situation using a cost-effective approach. We are well connected and we can typically control any situation.

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